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New STC-IoT Gateway from Thermokon
12.12.2017 11:06
Bidirectional radio gateway STC-IoT for the networking of EnOcean sensors and actuators with common cloud applications (e.g. IBM Watson). The new EnOcean Over-IP standard enables the more ...
Trio2Sys Temperature and Humidity TRI-1002004 EnOcean
07.12.2017 12:17
The  Trio2Sys TRI-1002004 wireless & battery-free humidity and temperature sensor enables to check humidity levels and regulate the room temperature by sending radio signals to a receiver more ...
NodOn Temperature & Humidity Sensor STPH-2-1-05 EnOcean
07.12.2017 11:39
The NodOn STPH-2-1-05 indoor temperature & humidity sensor is a wireless and battery-less sensor, EnOcean® compliant. Combined with a Home Automation Gateway, it allows to send the room more ...
Micropelt radiator valve actuator iTRV MVA004 EnOcean
07.12.2017 11:16
The new Radio valve actuator MVA004 iTRV from Micropelt EH4 Radiator valve actuators are used to control heating on a single room level. Apart from energy savings based on scheduling, more ...
WeberHaus to feature Apple® HomeKit™ and EnOcean
05.12.2017 12:56
"As the first European pre-fab home manufacturer, this year, WeberHaus will integrate Apple HomeKit into its SmartHomes. WeberHaus has been offering an intelligent home control system with more ...
Total entries: 5