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New Temperature & Humidity Sensor - EnOcean
10.12.2018 18:23
New wireless temperature & humidity sensor ETHSA for EnOcean systems. The small housing can easily be mounted to vertical walls or furniture using the included adhesive pad or using the included more ...
New STC-IoT Gateway from Thermokon
12.12.2017 11:06
Bidirectional radio gateway STC-IoT for the networking of EnOcean sensors and actuators with common cloud applications (e.g. IBM Watson). The new EnOcean Over-IP standard enables the more ...
Trio2Sys Temperature and Humidity TRI-1002004 EnOcean
07.12.2017 12:17
The Trio2SysTRI-1002004 wireless & battery-free humidity and temperature sensor enables to check humidity levels and regulate the room temperature by sending radio signals to a receiver more ...
NodOn Temperature & Humidity Sensor STPH-2-1-05 EnOcean
07.12.2017 11:39
The NodOn STPH-2-1-05 indoor temperature & humidity sensor is a wireless and battery-less sensor, EnOcean compliant. Combined with a Home Automation Gateway, it allows to send the room more ...
Micropelt radiator valve actuator iTRV MVA004 EnOcean
07.12.2017 11:16
The new Radio valve actuator MVA004 iTRV from Micropelt EH4 Radiator valve actuators are used to control heating on a single room level. Apart from energy savings based on scheduling, more ...
WeberHaus to feature Apple HomeKit and EnOcean
05.12.2017 12:56
"As the first European pre-fab home manufacturer, this year, WeberHaus will integrate Apple HomeKit into its SmartHomes. WeberHaus has been offering an intelligent home control system with more ...
Total entries: 6