NodOn Micro-SmartPlug EnOcean

Item number: MSP-2-1-11

NodOn Micro-SmartPlug EnOcean

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NodOn Micro-SmartPlug EnOcean

Compatible with the EnOcean® global protocol for home and connected building, the NodOn® Micro Smart Plug allows you to turn on or off any device plugged into it. As discreet as possible thanks to its very small dimensions, this Smart Plug will make your home connected with ease. Combined with your home automation system, the Micro Smart Plug measures your energy consumption, and helps you reduce your electricity bills.

With Micro Smart Plug I can for example:
  • Automatically turn off my Smart Plug if I forget to unplug the iron.
  • Measure my energy consumption, and reduce my electricity bills.
  • Turn on my kettle in the morning when I wake up.
  • Turn off the Standby mode of my TV, and save energy.
  • Turn off any appliance that consumes too much noise to avoid a domestic accident.