PIR - Bewegungsmelder NodOn EnOcean

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PIR - Bewegungsmelder NodOn EnOcean

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PIR - Bewegungsmelder NodOn EnOcean

Compatible with the EnOcean® worldwide Smart Home & Smart Building protocol, this EnOcean® Motion Sensor will automatically detect any motion.
It can be used on standalone mode or with a home automation gateway.
Thanks to its multiple mouting possibilities, place it anywhere in your house (on a table, a wall or a ceiling) and customize its setting according to your environment light to fully enjoy its use.
It is the perfect device to make energy savings and assure your home security when you are not there!

Power supply: Battery CR123A 3V (not included)
5 years battery lifetime
Indoor use
Wall mounting: adhesive bounding (included), fastening hooks (included)
Wireless range: Up to 30 meters
Detection range: Up to 5 meters
Lux sensing: 0 to 1000 Lux
EnOcean® radio protocol : 868.4MHz - EEP: A5-07-03
Dimensions: 65*65*39mm
Warranty 2 years