SmartPlug PSC234-EO EnOcean

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SmartPlug Permundo PSC234-EO EnOcean

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The PSC234-EO Permundo-EnOcean Smart Plug incorporates a wireless relay switch, a range extender and an energy and power meter in a single device.

  • Wireless control
  • Switching up to 16A (max. 3680 W / max. 2500 W continuous)
  • Standard IEC type F (Schuko) plug and socket
  • Enables manual (local switch) control
  • Supports direct learn - in of EnOcean PTM switches, movement detectors, occupancy sensors, door and window contacts
  • Remote/central control
  • Built - in repeater for range extension
Measurement of real/active power [W] and Measurement/storage of real - time energy consumption data [Wh] with
eg. fhem, homee, IP-Symcon, myhomecontrol, openhab,weberlogic, Wibutler

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